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We always pay attention to the finer details that involve a project, as well as the technical accuracy and use of the most appropriate terms and sentences for each situation. Moreover, we perform data collection and photography, interact with the engineering department, manufacturing and marketing the product for collecting information and definition of the various aspects involved in the production of technical content.

Our philosophy is centered on innovation, creativity and the continuous development of new information transfer methods and technologies.

Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals transmit instructions on the use, operation and maintenance of products.

Our editors have knowledge of the main standards and best practices for the development of instruction manuals, so that they are prepared in a clear and concise manner for good comprehension in order to fulfill its function efficiently.

Assembly and Maintenance Manuals

These manuals help technicians to perform assembly and maintenance of machines or components.

We elaborate manuals of repair and service for the most varied types of products and equipment. From a simple pump, through machines and equipment from small and large to large industrial facilities, where there are several integrated systems.

Technical translation

We have specialized technical translators, with knowledge in agricultural and industrial machines.

We have the necessary knowledge to perform translations with quality and fidelity, using the correct and appropriate terms for the equipment. As well as diagrammed in the desired final format.

Training Materials

The preparation of training materials requires experience for the perception of the needs of each client.

Team with ample experience in training, thus facilitating the assimilation of the need and in the development of material directed to each target audience. The development of training materials requires technical and didactic knowledge so that the desired objectives are successfully achieved.

Marketing and Sales Support Materials

Do not just have an excellent product. You and your sales force need to be able to use the right technical arguments to sell better and more effectively.

We have developed a broad line of literature and materials to support the sales team with detailed technical information about the product, key features, benefits and added value your product provides to customers.

Production of videos, animations and multimedia

Team of highly qualified and trained professionals to develop all content production.

We elaborate from the technical script, capturing images and videos, editing and finishing, delivering in different formats (physical and digital). We work with the best and most current tools of the market, to provide quality and agile delivery.

Illustration, photos and 3D image

The creation of rich and realistic illustrations are essential to enrich content and its most varied applications.

Through our qualified team we are able to develop modeling and photorealistic illustrations of high level. Working directly with engineering modeling for a more faithful and fast delivery.

Smart Catalog System - Siscatec

Selling spare parts can be an important source of revenue for the durable goods industry. With this in mind we have developed a complete solution for after-sales support!

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About us

The company was founded in 1992, during a difficult time in the Brazilian economy. High inflation rates, information technology was in its infancy and outsourcing processes were still a novelty for most Brazilian companies.

Mr. Gilmar Luedtke, then a recently graduated Mechanical Technician, and with only 25 years of age, began this venture with only a few years working experience in a multinational agricultural machinery company. In 2004, Mr. Dilson Hardi Scheuermann joins the company as partner.

Thanks to the experience in companies such as Massey Ferguson and Catterpillar, in addition to solid technical training, Dilson provided the foundations for the consolidation of the company as a service provider for the most prestigious industries in Brazil.

The persistence of these entrepreneurs, even amid successive instabilities of the Brazilian and world economy, encouraged them to form a solidarity awareness committed to the aim of strengthening partnerships with customers and employees in order to perpetuate itself in the market.

Quality Policy


“Develop solutions in technical communication, transforming technical information into specific language for the intended target audience, disseminating knowledge and technology.”


“To be recognized globally as a reference company in the field of technical communication for quality, knowledge and commitment in everything it does.”


“Innovation, creativity, ethics and good relationship with clients and employees.”

Quality Policy

1. Ensure customer satisfaction through the commitment and engagement of the team with quality in everything that is executed, emphasizing a positive organizational climate, stimulating the well-being of the team, and respect for the environment.

2. Continually seek excellence in customer service by offering solutions that meet your expectations with quality and effectiveness.

3. Ensure the continuous improvement of the activities of the Quality Management System to meet customer, legal and regulatory requirements.



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